Making A Memory – My Quiet Musings on the Origins of Creativity, Part Three


In my last post I mentioned discovering a new way to think about God’s gift of creativity while reading through the beginning of Genesis. I focused on the premise that God is creative (adjective) because I’d realized that this aspect of His character must be important since it’s one of the first things we learn about Him.

Genesis 1:27 is where I found new framework for my thoughts. “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” Again, I’ve read that many times before. However, when you infuse that verse with the concept of God as creative (adjective) – wow! God is creative, so we who are made in His own image must be creative as well.

Another critical connection I made is that there are no qualifiers. The verse doesn’t say that He made some people in His image but not others, or males in His image and not females. Suddenly my earlier assumptions about creativity as an exclusive gift were completely upended. Instead, I had to conclude that we collectively have a deep yearning to create because we are created in God the Creator’s image.

To me this is a perfect gem of an idea. I’m empowered to set aside my self-doubts and stop feeling apprehensive about whether I’m creative enough or not. Instead I can trust that creativity is an intrinsic component of my makeup. God gave us the gift of creativity and wants us to nourish it. Deep down I know that this is true. I absolutely feel most like my true self, the person God made me to be, when creating.

I’ll share my thoughts about acting on this truth next time.

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