She Loved Flowers, Series Release

A couple of months after beginning my work on this series my very dear sister-in-law, Kathryn, passed away unexpectedly. Her death and a subsequent family crisis began a long creative drought for me. For many months afterward I felt unable to even enter the studio, let alone create anything. These were shelved for a considerable length of time. Eventually, I felt ready to work towards finishing this series again and decided to dedicate them to Kathryn’s memory.

Today is bittersweet and I’ve spent some time crying. Working on this series has been part of my grieving process and I’m proud of myself for slowly pushing through to complete them. Even so, officially calling them finished and putting them out into the world is a sad milestone to face, and one that I’ve kind of been avoiding. She’s been gone for nearly 18 months and the world has changed immeasurably in that time.

So, I dedicate these pieces to Kathryn. She was a sensitive, empathetic, giving soul. She loved my brother and her three amazing daughters fiercely, cared deeply for the special needs children she taught, was passionate about alleviating food insecurity, gave the world’s best hugs, made others feel welcome and important, was a foodie and excellent chef, and she loved flowers.

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